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KJD17 Electromagnetic Switches Wiring Diagram

KJD17 Electromagnetic Switches

What is a KJD17 Electromagnetic Switches?

The KJD17 Electromagnetic Switches series is a heavy-duty industrial power push button switch just by looking at the switch, you can tell it means serious action。 One of the key standout features of the KJD17 Switch is the remarkable safety and protection it provides for both the user and the switch itself。 The switch electromagnet gives automatic protection against power outages and accidental restarts。 The KJD17 Switch comes in a double pole single throw function and can accommodate a remote trip for additional safety。 Another great feature of the KJD17 Switch is six voltage and frequency options available to you from 120 volts and 50 hertz to 240 volts and 60hertz。 Just another reason why this switch is so well suited to industrial applications that require precise functionality。 A PVC cap and rubber gasket can also be added for an additional layer of protection from dust and moisture resulting in an IP 64-rated switch。


All KJD17 Switch heavy duty switches are you well listed with a two horsepower rating? The switch’s large size makes it easy to operate to minimize mistakes and is easily visible from a distance。 So any pass-by can step in to assist the potential emergency with an operating temperature-25℃up to55℃and an operating light of 10,000cycles, the KJD17 Switch is more than incapable of handling frequent house use in a factory environment。

KJD17 Electromagnetic Switches Wiring

KJD17 Electromagnetic Switches Wiring

When working in an industrial environment, safety is the key。 Anytime additional safety can be added, it should be added。 That’s why the KJD17 Switch comes so well equipped with an array of safety features, making it the go-to push button with the factory line assemblies, general manufacturing, and other industrial applications。 If you want to learn more about the KJD17 Switch heavy-duty push button switch then head on over to our website at the dash which dot com thanks for watching。

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