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About Weup

Our focus is on ensuring that the production and operational activities of enterprises adhere to the standards of the quality management system. We are committed to continuously improving our products and services to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers. As a result, we have gained widespread recognition from both domestic and international customers throughout our development journey.


Who we are:

Weup Technology was founded in 2004. A modern emerging enterprise specializing in the production of various switches, indicator lights, and connectors. Our products widely used in various fields such as electronic appliances, instruments, and meters, electromechanical equipment, broadcasting and communication, household appliances, medical devices, automobiles, automation control, etc.

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What we do:

In 2008, we established our R&D department to focus on developing toggle switches, rocker switches, and other electrical components. Our team of engineers conducts market research and evaluates feasibility before creating drawings and accessory samples. Once assembled, we test the components thoroughly before producing them in small batches. Once we have successfully tested them, our sales team introduces them to the market.


Why choose us:

We are based on the largest industrial electrical production in China with the largest production scale, the highest market share, and the most complete product range. It has the unique advantage of having the largest industrial belt advantage in Asia and the largest marketing advantage in China.We have 19 years of production experience, a professional quality control team and precision testing equipment, complete quality control system. Our products have passed the international certification RoSH or CE, FCC, and IP67 to reach the ISO9000 standard. Always serving domestic and international manufacturers, and becoming their high-quality supplier, long-term and listed companies have close business contacts, and maintain an excellent reputation.

We constantly develop and create new products to meet every demand and application. With our competitive prices and massive variety, you can trust us to meet your switch needs. The aim of the company is superior service and quality.

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Get the best quality rocker switches, toggle switches, push button switches and other industrial electronics from Weup.
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