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Ultimate Guide Electromagnetic Push Button Switch Wiring Diagrams

How to Wire a KEDU HY56 Switch

Electromagnetic pushbutton switches are switches that combine a pushbutton function with an electromagnetic actuation. This type of switch is typically used in applications where precise control, reliability, and durability are required. The following is a detailed description of its main features and operating principles:

This type of switch uses an electromagnet to mechanically operate the switching mechanism. When an electric current flows through the coil of the electromagnet, a magnetic field is generated which sucks the mechanism in the switch. Keeps the power supply continuously energized.
Pushbutton Interface:

When a button is pressed, the circuit either closes or breaks. In an electromagnetic switch, this action usually involves moving a metal contact or plunger.

When the button is pressed, an electric current flows through the electromagnetic coil, creating a magnetic field. This magnetic field attracts or repels metal parts, which causes the switch to open or close the circuit. It is automatically disconnected when there is a power failure, and when the power comes back on it is necessary to restart the button for the equipment to start.

Used for start/stop functions on machinery and equipment.

Used in emergency stop devices where high-performance reliability is required, especially large panels of electromagnetic pushbutton switches that can be tapped by hand, and in the latter case, kicked by the knee to stop the equipment.

Used in systems requiring electromechanical automation, such as robot control or automated production lines.

The electromagnetic mechanism ensures stable performance even under harsh conditions, with a waterproof function and mortal dust function.

Provides precise control, which is critical in many industrial and technical applications.

Can be designed for different applications and specifications, including different voltage and current ratings.
Electromagnetic pushbutton switches are an integral part of many modern electronic and industrial systems especially power tools, which incorporate manual control and electromagnetic reliability.

Electromagnetic Push Button Switch Wiring(KEDU HY56 Switch)

KEDU HY56 switch wiring diagram

Electromagnetic Push Button Switch Wiring(KJD17 KJD16 KEDU


KEDU HY56 switch wiring diagram

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