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Advanced Testing Facilities

Our laboratory was designed according to the UL, VDE, EN
and IEC International standards and also meets the test
requirements of all WEUP products.

Endurance Labs

Round the clock, continuous testing
  • The WEUP electrical switch laboratory is accredited by American UL and CTDP, German VDE and TUV, Swedish lntertek ETL SEMKO. The Laboratory is designed according to UL, VDE, CE and ENEC standards. The maximum test current can reach 2000A and a voltage of 500V, all product tests rated within 300A. Up to 60 switches can be tested at the same time. Products are processed to acquire UL, CUL and CSA (Canada), VDE (German), TUV, CE and ENEC and Swedish SEMKO Certification.
Endurance Labs

Multi-project experiments

WEUP Physical Laboratory (2)
Xenon-lamp weather resistance. Force and travel/conduction angle and travel/resistance and travel tester. Dust proof test IP5X and IP6X. Waterproof test IPX4, IPX5, IPX6 and IPX7. Glow wire apparatus. Tracking index apparatus (test voltage; 100-600V). Agilent Multi-channel temperature tester (34970A). Heraeus drying oven. WV Alternating humidity temperature test chamber (-40~+180°C, 10%-98%). KIKUSUL Withstanding voltage tester. Insulation Resistance tester. Earth continuity tester.
WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)
Our Short-Circuit testing laboratory is independent of the endurance test laboratory. We can carry out AC and DC short-circuit test, with a maximum current of 10000A, voltage of 500V and is accredited by American UL and CTDP, German VDE and TUV, Swedish lntertek ETL and SEMKO.
WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)
XGT-5000WR Fluorescence spectrometer. XGT-1000WR Fluorescence spectrophotometer (test Pb, Cd Cr, Hg, Br etc. Harmful element). TU-1901 double beam UV-visible light spectrophotometer (test Cr), GC-MSD Gas chromatograph (test PBBs, PBDEs, PAHs).
WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)
Metallic materials: tensile, bending, metallography, slicing, microscopic morphology observation, whisker measurement, welding performance, cover layer thickness & adhesion strength tests. Engineering plastics: material crystallinity, ash, density, water absorption, water content, heat distortion temperature, Vicat softening temperature, horizontal and vertical combustion, burning rate, needle flame, burning wire, tensile, bending, impact strength and other tests.
WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)
Reliability verification: high and low temperature, alternating humidity and heat, constant humidity and heat, temperature change, mechanical vibration, mechanical shock, mechanical life, three integrated, dustproof and waterproof, salt spray corrosion and other tests. Electrical performance: contact resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage, conductivity, current-carrying capacity, characteristic impedance, propagation delay, return loss, insertion loss, eye diagram and other tests.
WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)
Verification and calibration of calipers, micrometers, percent gauges, and withstand voltage testers.


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