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Top 10 IEC Connector Manufacturers in 2023

As of 2023, the top global electronic connector manufacturers are prominent in various sectors such as automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, and more. The companies listed below are recognized for their extensive range of products and strong market presence:

  1. TE Connectivity – Based in Switzerland, they offer a vast range of connectors including PCB and wire connectors, known for enhancing performance while reducing power usage and size.
  2. Amphenol – Located in the USA, Amphenol is notable for its connectors and interconnect systems used across multiple industries including automotive and aerospace.
  3. Molex Incorporated – Also based in the USA, Molex provides a wide array of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic connectivity systems.
  4. Luxshare – Operating out of China, they design and manufacture connector system solutions for consumer, automotive, and enterprise applications.
  5. JAE – From Japan, JAE offers connectors for various applications including mobile devices and automotive electronics.
  6. JST – Also hailing from Japan, JST is known for its innovative connectors used in wearable technology and other electronic devices.
  7. Rosenberger – Based in Germany, they specialize in high-frequency and fiber-optic interconnect solutions for various markets including telecommunications and automotive.
  8. Hirose – A Japanese company, Hirose is recognized for its high-performance connectors serving numerous industries.
  9. Jonhon – Located in China, Jonhon focuses on interconnection solutions primarily for aerospace and defense.
  10. Samtec – Samtec has a broad product range including connectors and wiring harnesses for different sectors such as home appliances and automotive electronics.

These companies have been instrumental in advancing connector technologies and maintaining robust production capabilities across the globe (TTI Asia) (TTI Inc.) (IBE Electronics).

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