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Woodstock D4160-110V Paddle Switch

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The Woodstock D4160-110V Paddle Switch is an electrical component commonly used in woodworking machinery and other equipment where a simple and reliable safety switch is necessary. It’s designed to provide an easy and visible way to turn the power on or off, often used as an emergency stop. The switch is typically large, with a bright color (often red or yellow) for visibility, and can be mounted on various types of machinery. It operates at 110 volts, suitable for standard electrical outlets in the United States and other countries using similar voltage standards.

This switch is particularly popular among woodworkers for its ease of use and safety features. It can be quickly hit in an emergency, cutting power to the machine to prevent accidents. The design of the switch often allows it to be locked in the off position to prevent unauthorized or accidental use of the machinery.

Woodstock D4160-110V Paddle Switch

Certainly! Based on the content provided in the image, here is a description of the features and utility of the Woodstock D4160-110V Paddle Switch:

Product Description:

The Woodstock D4160-110V Paddle Switch is a high-quality safety switch designed for reliable performance in a variety of machine applications. This switch is intended for use with equipment that requires a standard 110V power connection and offers a significant safety feature for both industrial and hobbyist machinery environments.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Installation: The switch comes with a clear wiring diagram (Figure 2) to ensure proper setup. It is compatible with standard wire types and requires crimp-type female wire terminals with a ‘V/A’ tab.
  2. Secure Connection: A critical safety feature is the ‘pull-checked’ requirement for all crimps to ensure that wires are securely connected and will not fail under moderate tension or vibration.
  3. Grounding Requirement: For safety, the switch must be connected to a verified ground. This is to prevent electric shock by providing a path of least resistance for electric current in case of a malfunction or breakdown.
  4. Disabling and Locking: The switch can be disabled and locked by inserting a padlock through the ON/START button shaft, as shown in Figure 3. This feature is vital for preventing accidental or unauthorized use, particularly when the machine is not in use or when stored in accessible locations.
  5. Safety Warnings: The manual includes several warnings, stressing that the switch should only be connected to the prescribed type of wiring and highlighting the risks involved with untrained or unsupervised operation of the machinery.
  6. Padlock Shaft Diameter: Attention is given to the importance of using a padlock with the correct shaft diameter to ensure the switch is properly disabled when necessary.

Business Utility:

This product is ideal for businesses that prioritize workplace safety and require a reliable and visible means of controlling power to their machinery. The paddle switch is particularly suited for environments where quick power disconnection is necessary, offering an extra layer of safety for emergency stops. Its locking feature provides an additional safeguard against unauthorized use, making it an excellent choice for facilities that may have varied personnel or public access. The straightforward installation and grounding instructions ensure that even those with basic technical skills can implement this safety measure effectively.

In summary, the Woodstock D4160-110V Paddle Switch enhances operational safety and compliance with workplace safety protocols, making it a valuable addition to any power-reliant machinery setup.

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