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What Is a Double Pole Double Throw Switch

A Double Pole Double Throw Switch is an electromechanical device that can control two separate circuits simultaneously. It has six terminals: two pairs of terminals connect to the two circuits (poles), and each pair has a common terminal and two terminals for the “thrown” positions. The switch can connect the common terminal to either of the two other terminals, allowing current to flow through one of two paths for each circuit. This enables the user to alternate between two different outputs for each pole, making it useful for reversing the direction of motors or for switching between two different power sources. It’s like having two single pole double throw (SPDT) switches combined into one unit, with the ability to control them together. DPDT switches are widely used in various applications, including electrical engineering, automotive systems, and industrial controls.

Momentary Rocker Switch

Double Pole Double Throw Switch generally has six terminals, with the two in the middle being input terminals(common terminal), and the four on the sides as output terminals. It can control up to four devices at the same time and also manage the forward and reverse functions of motor devices.


Double Pole Double Throw Switch Electrical Circuit

Below is an example of a Double Pole Double Throw Switch control circuit diagram.


With the function diagram and schematic described above, you can replace it with your device to build your setup.

The switch mentioned above is an integrated DPDT switch. There are also separate button switches, each controlling different circuit connections, enabling control of one circuit being powered while the other is off, essentially combining two DPDT switches.

KCD4 202R 6PIN two DPDT switches

Additionally, DPDT switches have a momentary unidirectional return feature (ON)-OFF-ON, and also a bidirectional momentary return (ON)-OFF-(ON). These features allow for momentary control of motorized devices.

On-Off-On Rocker Switch

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