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The influence of arc erosion factors

Many factors affect the electric contact material arc erosion, can be broadly divided into electrical factors, material factors, mechanical factors and environmental factors.

Electrical factors

(1) current. Current is the electrical contact material arc erosion of the underlying cause, the greater the current, the longer the arc time, the higher the arc energy, the greater the amount of electrode erosion.

(2) Load voltage. The effect of load voltage on arc erosion of electrical contact materials is reflected in its determination of what kind of arc dominates. The higher the load voltage, the longer the duration of the gaseous arc. Since the duration of the gaseous arc determines the duration of the arc, it can be assumed that an increase in load voltage will increase the degree of arc erosion of the electrical contact material

(3) Type of load. The type of energy storage element varies The arcing energy of electric contact material also varies. It is generally believed that
lamp load conditions, the most serious transfer of electrical contact material, resistive load is the next, the lowest inductive load.

Material factors

(1) the nature of the material. Electrical contact material properties determine the ability of electrical contacts to resist arc erosion. High thermal conductivity can make the heat transfer as soon as possible
to the base of the electrical contacts; high melting, vaporization, latent heat of decomposition and specific heat can reduce the tendency to generate arc; higher chemical potential can make the material has a stable chemical properties and resist the loss of erosion gas.

(2) Preparation process. Different preparation processes can prepare electrical contact materials with different organization and physical properties. For example, the density and hardness of electrical contact materials prepared by internal oxidation are higher than those produced by powder metallurgy, with finer grains, better dispersion, and more reasonable structure.

(3) Additives. In the field of materials, the addition of additives to the manufacturing process is an effective measure that can be used to improve certain properties of the material or to solve a difficult problem in the process, and the same is true for contact materials. To improve the wetting ability of Ag matrix with second phase particles, additives are usually added to silver-based electrical contacts, thus reducing the amount of erosion of the electrical contact material

Mechanical factors

(1) Contact size. The larger the electrical contact size, the more favorable to the arc energy dissipation and arc operation [47].
The larger the electrical contact size, the more conducive to arc energy dissipation and arc operation.

(2) electrode spacing. The larger the distance between the two electrodes of the electrical contacts, the longer the arc propagation path, the more arc energy loss, but the larger the distance between the two electrodes also means that the higher the arc voltage and the greater the arc energy. Therefore, the electric contact two electrode spacing size should be compatible with the size of the electric contact, the smaller the ratio of the two will help reduce the electric contact material arc erosion.

(3) Breaking speed. Electrical contact breaking speed can affect the arcing time. The greater the breaking speed, the smaller the arc time [49]; breaking speed can also affect the arc movement speed, the greater the breaking speed, the faster the arc movement on the contact surface, the smaller the amount of arc erosion.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors include the temperature of the environment, humidity, ambient air pressure and surrounding gas. When the air pressure decreases, the arc initiation stagnation time and edge stagnation time on the electrical contacts increase, and the amount of arc erosion on the electrical contacts increases. The oxygen concentration in the environment also has an effect on the arcing time during arc erosion of electrical contacts [53]. Placing electrical contacts in different gas media will result in different amounts of arc erosion of electrical contact materials due to the different chemical reactions between the surrounding gas and the material evaporates.


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