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Overview of a comprehensive test program for all aspects of performance and safety of high-quality switches

Advanced Testing Facilities

Overview of a comprehensive test program for all aspects of performance and safety of high-quality switches

To ensure the performance and safety of high-quality switches, the following is an overview of a comprehensive series of test items, expressed and summarized in points:

Mechanical Performance Tests

WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)

Operating force and travel tests:
The force required to operate the switch and the distance traveled by the contacts are measured to ensure that the switch meets its design specifications.
Typical operating force ranges and travel distances can vary depending on the type of switch.
Mechanical Life Test:
Evaluates the durability of a switch by simulating frequent operation.
Record the number of operations until there is a noticeable degradation in switch performance or failure.

Electrical Performance Test

Endurance Labs

Insulation resistance and insulation strength test:
Measure the insulation resistance value of the switch at normal operating voltage, which should normally be several hundred megohms or higher.
Conduct high voltage tests to verify the insulation performance of the switch under conditions exceeding the normal operating voltage.
Contact resistance and temperature rise test:
Measure the contact resistance between contacts to ensure that current can pass smoothly and energy loss is minimized.
Measure the temperature rise of the contacts and the switch body after a long period of energization.

Opening and closing and short-circuit performance test

Open-break capability test:
Verify the opening and breaking capability of the switch under rated current and short-circuit current.
Test the stability and safety of the switch under abnormal current conditions.
Short circuit protection and overload protection test:
Simulate short-circuit conditions and observe whether the switch can quickly cut off the current to prevent equipment damage.
Test whether the protection mechanism of the switch is effective under overload conditions.

Environment and Reliability Test

WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)

Temperature cycling and humidity test:
Test the performance stability of the switch under extreme temperature and humidity conditions.
Simulate the use of the switch in different seasons and climatic conditions.
Dust & Waterproof & Corrosion Resistance Test:
Determine the dust and waterproof rating of the switch, such as IP65 or higher.
Test the durability of the switch in a corrosive environment.

Safety Tests

WEUP Physical Laboratory (3)

Voltage Resistance and Insulation Test:
Apply a voltage higher than the normal working voltage to the switch to check whether its insulation performance is up to standard.
Ensure that the switch will not break down or arc under high voltage.
Material safety and aging resistance test:
Check the non-toxicity and flame retardancy of the switch materials.
Evaluate the durability of the switch material through long time aging test.

Marking and instruction check

Product marking clarity and accuracy check:
Verify whether the marking on the switch is clear, accurate and in accordance with relevant standards.
Ensure that users can understand and use the switch correctly.
These comprehensive test items can comprehensively assess the performance of high-quality switches in terms of performance and safety, and ensure that they can provide stable and reliable performance in practical applications and safeguard the safety of users.

We carefully execute every detail of testing for you, from mechanical performance to electrical safety, to ensure product quality in all aspects. You can use it with peace of mind, and we promise to make your choice worthwhile.

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