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Rocker switch new release

Product features

The Rocker switch type boat switch developed by our company has the features of multi-position adjustment, simple structure, easy installation, and can be changed without going through an extra pass, mainly used in vacuum cleaners, blowers and other equipment.

Switch structure

Through the push-button drive movable piece and the terminal is connected, by the neutral first gear second gear composition

integrated switch



24 Volt 30 Amp Rocker Switch


Structure characteristics: The switch can complete the first gear and second gear switching without going through the off state.

Comparison of internal structure with multi-position products

12 Volt 30 Amp Rocker Switch


The switch completes seamless switching of gears without constant power, which improves the life of the product on the one hand and enhances the experience of using electrical products on the other.

Round Rocker Switch 12v

The switch completes the gear switching in the case of power failure, which reduces the life of the product and also affects the experience of using electrical products.


This product is used for products that require multi-speed switching without constant power supply, and where installation space is relatively small. For example, vacuum cleaner series, hair dryer series.



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