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  • LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch
  • LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch

LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch



  • Simple circuit design
  • Simple wiring
  • Reduced cabling
  • Lower costs
  • Increased ability to function with high voltages & currents
  • Reliability


  • Sewing machines
  • Medical machinery
  • Metal cutting machines
  • Metal bending machines
  • Tattoo machines
  • Optical instruments
  • Hair removal devices

Push buttons are power-controlling switches of a machine or appliance. These are usually made of metal or thermoplastic and offer very simple access to the user. In electric circuits, the power flows continuously through the devices, and to regulate this power supply, we use push buttons. These are, simply push buttons that can be seen or felt and are easily operable with our hands and fingers.

LA38-D1 Locking push button switch


Product Features

Introducing the WEUP Locking Push Button Switch

The LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch from WEUP is a game-changer in the world with power-controlling switches Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, the switch offers a range of features and benefits that make it a choice for B2B buyers such importers, distributors, manufacturers brands, wholesalers, and retailers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple circuit design: The LA38-D1 offers a straightforward circuit design, making it easy to understand and integrate into various applications. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, this simplicity translates to reduced installation time and costs.
  • Simple wiring: With WEUP’s locking push button switch, you can say goodbye to complex wiring systems. The switch is designed for easy installation and can be wired quickly and efficiently. This not only saves time but also reduces the chances of wiring errors.
  • Reduced cabling: One of the standout features of the LA38-D1 is its ability to reduce cabling requirements. By eliminating the need for excessive cables, this switch helps streamline your operations and minimizes clutter in your workspace. This reduction in cabling not only saves costs but also improves overall efficiency.
  • Lower costs: As a B2B buyer, cost-effectiveness is always a top priority. The LA38-D1 delivers on this front by offering a reliable and affordable solution for your power-controlling needs. By choosing WEUP’s locking push button switch, you can save on both installation and maintenance costs.
  • Increased ability to function with high voltages & currents: This switch is built to withstand high voltages and currents, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are dealing with heavy-duty machinery or sensitive equipment, the LA38-D1 can handle the job with ease.
  • Reliability: Trust is crucial when it comes to power-controlling switches, and the LA38-D1 doesn’t disappoint. Manufactured by WEUP, one of China’s leading manufacturers, this switch is built to last. With a focus on quality and durability, you can rely on the LA38-D1 to perform consistently over time.


The versatility of the LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch makes it well-suited for a variety of industries and applications. Some typical applications include:

  • Sewing machines: The LA38-D1 ensures reliable power control in sewing machines, allowing for smooth operation and precise control.
  • Medical machinery: When it comes to medical equipment, precision and reliability are paramount. The LA38-D1 meets these requirements, providing a safe and efficient power-controlling solution.
  • Metal cutting machines: In metalworking industries, accuracy is crucial. The LA38-D1 offers precise power control, ensuring optimal performance in metal-cutting machines.
  • Metal bending machines: With its robust design and ability to handle high voltages and currents, the LA38-D1 is an excellent choice for metal bending machines that require reliable power control.
  • Tattoo machines: Tattoo artists need equipment they can rely on. The LA38-D1 provides the necessary power control for tattoo machines, allowing artists to focus on their craft.
  • Optical instruments: Precision and accuracy are essential in optical instruments. The LA38-D1 ensures stable power supply, contributing to the overall performance of these instruments.
  • Hair removal devices: When it comes to hair removal devices, safety and efficiency are key. The LA38-D1 offers reliable power control to ensure smooth operation and user satisfaction.

Why Choose WEUP’s Locking Push Button Switch?

WEUP, one of China’s leading manufacturers, stands out in the industry for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By choosing the LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch from WEUP, you benefit from:

  • Reliable performance: WEUP’s extensive experience in manufacturing power-controlling switches ensures that the LA38-D1 meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • Competitive pricing: Thanks to their direct involvement as manufacturers, WEUP offers competitive pricing without compromising on product quality.
  • Prompt delivery: As a B2B buyer, timely delivery is crucial for your operations. WEUP understands this and ensures prompt delivery of orders to meet your business needs.


In conclusion, the WEUP LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch is an exceptional product that offers a range of features and benefits for B2B buyers. Its simple circuit design, reduced wiring and cabling requirements, lower costs, ability to function with high voltages and currents, and reliability make it an attractive choice for importers, distributors, manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, and retailers.

Whether you are in the sewing machine industry, medical machinery field, metalworking sector, or any other industry that requires reliable power control, the LA38-D1 will exceed your expectations. Trust in WEUP’s reputation as one of China’s leading manufacturers to deliver a high-quality product that meets your specific needs. Make a smart choice today and experience the effectiveness of the LA38-D1 Locking Push Button Switch from WEUP.

For more information about our product or to place an order, please contact our China manufacturers directly or reach out to our trusted suppliers and wholesalers.

Why Choose WEUP?

High Quality

High Quality

Our switches are manufactured using top-grade materials and undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure superior performance.


We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in today’s competitive market. That’s why we offer our switches at a competitive price point without compromising on quality.

Reliable Supplier

Reliable Supplier

As one of the leading China manufacturers, WEUP has established a solid reputation for providing reliable products to customers worldwide. We work with reputable suppliers and have a strong network of distributors to ensure prompt delivery.

Excellent Customer Service

At WEUP, we value our customers’ satisfaction above all else. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

Excellent Customer Service


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Technical Data

LA38-D1 Locking push button switch

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