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Ag/Ni electrical contact material

Ag/Ni electrical contact materials are commonly used in low-voltage appliances such as relays, contactors and micro switches of small and medium current classes with harsh requirements on contact resistance and temperature rise because of their good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and welding properties, low and stable contact resistance and excellent processing performance. However, at high currents or high temperatures, Ag/Ni electrical contact materials are prone to melt welding. In order to improve the resistance of Ag/Ni electrical contact materials to melt welding, many researchers have investigated the arc erosion properties of Ag/Ni electrical contact materials. yoshida investigated the effect of voltage on the arc characteristics [54], arc duration [55], and arc erosion rate of Ag/Ni electrical contacts for electromagnetic contactors. morin et al.

found that Ag/Ni electrical contact materials are more resistant to melt welding in the lamp and 14VDC electrical loads and currents ranging from 10 to 70 A with high local material transfer [57].Kawakami et al. discussed the possibility of predicting the electrical life of Ag/Ni electrical contacts for electromagnetic contactors based on electrode mass loss and arc energy data [58].Doublet investigated the arcing of Ag/Ni electrical contacts under resistive loads with currents from 10 to 90 A erosion, fusion welding tendency and fusion welding force [59].Luo investigated the arc erosion characteristics of Ag/Ni electrical contacts prepared by mechanical alloying method.Liu found that the welding resistance of Ag/Ni electrical contacts was poor at high arc energies [61].

Yutong Li found that the resistance to arc erosion of Ag/Ni(10) electrical contacts prepared by the chemical cladding method was better than that of Ag/Ni(10) electrical contacts prepared by the powder metallurgical process. Huang came to find that Ag/Ni(10) electrical contacts prepared by the chemical co-precipitation method had stronger resistance to fusion welding [63]. Yan Xiaofang found that the addition of brittle materials could improve the electrical properties of Ag/Ni(10) electrical contacts [64].

Chen Li found that the addition of rare earth elements can improve the performance of Ag/Ni(10) electrical contacts [65]. Heng Li found that to improve the material transfer between A/Ni(10) electrical contacts, not only the properties of the electrical contact materials themselves but also the ratios between electrical contacts need to be considered [66].

Tan studied the arc erosion mechanism and arc erosion pattern of Ag/Ni(10) electrical contacts under low-voltage DC single disconnection operation, and the results showed that the arc erosion spot area was linearly related to the loading current. Li Jing studied the arc erosion behavior of Ag/Ni electrical contacts at 50Hz and 400Hz, and the results showed that Ag/Ni electrical contacts have good resistance to fusion welding at 400Hz and good resistance to arc erosion at 50Hz. Li Suhua analyzed the variation of arc energy, arc time and fusion welding force of Ag/Ni electrical contacts under arc action, and the results showed that the arc time of Ag/Ni(10) electrical contact material prepared by chemical co-precipitation method increased with the increase of arc energy [69]. Zheng Xinxin studied the arc erosion morphology and formation mechanism of Ag/Ni electrical contacts.

It was found that eight different arc erosion color features appeared on the contact surface after the arcing action [70]. At present, there are relatively few reports on the distribution of elements in the molten pool and their formation mechanism after the arc erosion of A/Ni electrocontacts.


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