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Our strength

Our strength

Accelerate the promotion of miniaturization, multi-function, energy saving, large capacity, high-speed communication and other applications to meet higher and wider needs. Weup electronic and mechanical parts such as connectors, switches, and relays for substrates have reliable technology and rich achievements, and provide a wide range of products for people’s livelihood, automotive, industrial equipment and other fields.

Make full use of the product manufacturing experience and technical expertise accumulated over the years to provide valuable technology and the latest equipment to continuously meet higher demands.

  • 2004 ...
  • 2008 ...
    Join foreign-funded enterprises to learn the advanced technology of manufacturing industry in Germany and Japan. I have studied the "lean production" and 16949 quality management system of Toyota in Japan
  • 2012 ...
  • 2014 ...
    Establish the business philosophy of "customer-centered, pursuit of consistency" and provide first-class products and services is the bounden duty of creating and awakening people
  • 2015 ...
    Increased R & D investment and obtained 1 utility model patent and 3 design patents
  • 2016 ...
    The company has set up a professional high-precision metal stamping workshop, which has triggered data management.
  • 2017 ...
    Introduce and train professional and technical talents from colleges and universities, design products with 2D design software for the first time, and inject new strength into the company's design and R & D ability
  • 2018 ...
    A precision mold processing center has been established to better serve customers' new product development
  • 2019 ...
  • 2021 ...
    The company introduced the German silver contact welding technology to replace the traditional riveted contact and improve the product performance to a higher level
  • 2024 ...
30 Amp Rocker Switches

About Us

Weup Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative industrial and trading company integrating R&D, production, and sales. Weup’s technical team members have over 15 years of research and development experience and expertise. Understanding customers’ individual needs for product design and development, the Weup technical team can customize various styles and meet different requirements for customers.

Products Catagories

rocker switch
Rocker Switches
A rocker switch is an electrical switch that rocks back and forth to open or close a circuit. It typically has two positions, with one side raised and the other depressed, akin to a seesaw motion. When one side is pressed, it opens the circuit, and when the other side is pressed, it closes it.
toggle switch
Toggle Switches
A toggle switch is a type of mechanical switch used to control the flow of electricity in electronic devices. It features a lever, handle, or hinge mechanism called a toggle, which moves between different positions to open or close an electrical circuit.
Electromagnetic Pushbutton Switches
An electromagnetic switch is a type of electrical switch that utilizes an electromagnet to open or close an electrical circuit. When an electric current passes through the switch's coil, it generates a magnetic field that either attracts or repels a contact arm, changing the connection status of the switch.
Push Button Switches
A push button switch is an electrical switch that is activated by pressing abutton, rather than flipping a lever or sliding a switch. It consists of a button (which can be activated by pressing with a finger), a spring that pushes the button back to its original position, and electrical contacts that complete a circuit when the button is pressed.
Tactile Switches
Tactile Switches
A tactile switch is an electronic push button that provides tactile feedback to the user upon activation. They provide a clear indication to the user of the button's operation and help prevent accidental activations.
IEC Connectors
IEC Connectors
An IEC connector is an electrical connector that follows the standards established by the International Electrotechnical. IEC connectors are designed with safety features to prevent electrical fires and other hazards.

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